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Publication date 16-04-2020

What is the National Customs Helpdesk?

"Your partner in the automated customs process"

The National Customs Helpdesk, or Nationale Helpdesk Douane, NHD, is the central point of contact for all questions about automated Customs (declaration) processes. We are at your service 24 hours a day!

Customs is subject to change. This is something that you as a logistics partner, software developer, customs officer or other party that works frequently with automated Customs systems may
experience daily. The EU has set up a central helpdesk for automated Customs systems in all Member States. For the Netherlands, that is the national Customs Helpdesk (NHD).

Entrepreneurs doing business with Customs (such as forwarders, exporters and transport companies), software developers (national and international) and customs officers can contact us with questions about automated Customs systems.

What can the National Customs Helpdesk do for you?

Various teams at the National Customs Helpdesk are standing byto assist you. The services they provide are set out below.

1st line support

We answer your questions about automated customs processes. We have knowledge of the customs declaration processes. We monitor the electronic exchange of messages between clients and
Customs. We can assist you with issues concerning entry, import, transport, export, exit or the transportation of excise goods.

2nd line support

We deal with complex issues and administer over 70 national and international customs applications. Based on our knowledge we can efficiently provide you with in-depth information.

Service Team EORI and Registration

You can contact this team to apply for registrations and to request EORI numbers to file an electronic declaration. Do you have the required registration? This team takes care of the
computer technical processing, such as authorizing the use of the correct customs system.

Faults? We keep you informed

You can contact us in the event of faults occurring in the customs processes and systems. Our helpdesk keeps you informed about the situation and advises you on what you can do to keep your logistics process going during a malfunction. We also monitor the time it takes to clear faults.

Stay informed

On this website nh.douane.nl you will find more information about unforeseen disruptions in customs processes or declaration systems and technical maintenance. In the availability overview you can see at a glance the status of all customs processes. And in the maintenance calendar you will find an overview of the planned maintenance. These messages are supported with an e-mail service and RSS feeds. You can choose from which customs processes you want to receive disruption and maintenance messages.