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Publication date 21-04-2020

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.
It is a service that immediately sends you a signal, if there is new information on the web page you have signed up for. You do not have to go to your favorite website every time to see if there are new messages.

In the notification you receive via RSS, you can read part of the notification. Via a link in the notification you can go directly to the full message. This way you can easily follow messages about new disruptions or maintenance of a certain process or you will be immediately informed when Customs processes are temporarily out of use due to maintenance or disruption.

What do you need for RSS?

To use the feeds, you need an RSS reader. This is a program that automatically retrieves RSS feeds and bundles them into one overview. Because you can add multiple feeds to the reader, you can see the latest messages from different web pages at a glance.

RSS reader in browser or download

Some browsers, such as FireFox, have a built-in RSS reader. If you use a different browser, you can download an RSS reader from the internet. There are many types available, both free and paid, for desktop or mobile.

Subscribe to feeds

  1. Choose one of the hyperlinks below.
  2. Copy the address from the browser bar.
  3. Add it to your RSS reader.
  4. Read the instructions of your reader for the settings. For example, how often you want to receive notifications.