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Changes to validation of CDIU permits in AGS declaration

August 27, 2020 11:09 am

From 23 August, Customs will use a new system for the validation of declarations in AGS, which includes CDIU documents. With the advent of this new system, the validation rules have been tightened.

Below you can read what the changes mean for your declaration.

License depreciation (box 44 declaration)

In box 44 of the declaration you enter information about the depreciation of the license. You could previously specify both Value and Quantity here regardless of how the license was issued. Now you only have to specify the Value if the license has also been issued in value. You only enter the Quantity if the license has also been issued for a quantity. If the license has been issued for both value and quantity, you must specify both Value and Quantity.

You must always state the Quantity in the measure for which the license was issued. You must always specify the Value in the currency for which the license is issued (earlier, any currency could be used).

An exception applies to the so-called General export licenses. You do not have a physical permit, but only a registration for use. For these permits, you do not enter a Quantity and always state the Amount in EUR currency.

You will receive an error message if you deviate from these rules.

Use foreign permits

Previously, declarants who used foreign permits with documents related to the CDIU in their declaration had to register once with the CDIU. This registration has now expired. So from now on you can use these foreign permits without prior registration.